Struggling with keratosis pilaris? These smoothing products will help

The bumpy, chicken skin sort of feeling that crops up on the back of the upper arms, thighs and sometimes face can be such a pain to get rid of, but these smoothing products are here to make it easier.

I've written, at some length, about my struggle with keratosis pilaris before here. I got a handle on it for my wedding, but the minute I stopped my routine, it came crawling back. Literally. A nice visual for you all there.

About two weeks ago, I started trialling a new range I was sent as a press sample from Cerave. It's a brand I buy all the time (I'm mad about their giant tubs of body moisturiser, I lash it on so I appreciate the large size) and this range, the SA Smoothing range, is specifically for KP sufferers.



Avène Akérat 10 Body Cream €20.99 

Avène Akérat 10 Body Cream is another product I've been using recently to tackle the chicken skin, which essentially is an overproduction of keratin in your skin, which then clogs your follicles and results in little white bumpy bits. Avène's Akérat 10 is made for KP prone skin and I really love the instant (well, next day) results for an 'arms out' emergency.

smoothingCeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser €12.50

So, back to the new SA range. It's called SA, presumably, because it contains the usual ceramides that Cerave are famous for, keeping the skin's barrier intact, but also because it contains salicylic acid. A beta-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid is a great unclogger and helps to slough off dead skin cells. I've been using this on the backs of my arms and legs in the shower and find it great.smoothing

CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream, €20


After my showers of late, I've covered myself head to toe in this. It's the amped up salicylic acid version of the one I already love. This has the same ceramide power, but with even more unclogging, skin-clearing abilities thanks to the added ingredient.


Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans. 

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