How she does it: Triona McCarthy's party-prep beauty tips

We ask Triona McCarthy (AKA 'Party McCarthy') to share her seasonal beauty secrets

Early bird or night owl?

Definitely a night owl. When the clock strikes midnight, that’s when I get a sudden surge of energy to check a trillion things off my to-do list. I probably procrastinate tasks well into the night hour, but sometimes that’s when I produce my best work. After all, it’s quiet, Maxi and Mini are in bed, the phone isn’t ringing, so it’s the perfect time to get things done.

It drives my husband – a morning lark – insane. A meme that makes me laugh is: 'I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.'


What does your festive season look like?

Well, you don’t get a nickname like Party McCarthy from sitting at home every evening watching Coronation Street! December is full of press dinners, both here in Ireland and abroad.

My married name is White, so we have a White Christmas party every year in our house in Dublin. We serve white drinks and food and, of course, everyone wears white.

My husband and my daughter both have December birthdays, so we also celebrate those at home with friends. Will likes quality over quantity, so we also have a birthday dinner out. Patrick Guilbaud’s, Chapter One, Forest Avenue are faves, although I’ve booked The Greenhouse this year.

Then my friend Dawn and I have a tradition where we go to BTs, buy ourselves a bottle of bubbly and do a little shop around the store and then back up to the restaurant for dinner. In between all that, my best friend Wayne is flying in from Dubai, so I’m sure we’ll be out and shaking it about.

Will and I are hosting Christmas Day dinner in our house. He’s in charge of all the cooking; I love dressing the table, serving drinks, organising games and surprise presents and good old-fashioned fun.

How do you keep your skin looking its best?


By using filters on Instagram, of course!

Your favourite salon treatment?

Being a qualified beauty therapist, I am very hard to please when it comes to facials. I work with Dibi Milano, the number one professional brand in Italy, as I adore their products and the fact that you can have a skin analysis done, so they can make your facial completely bespoke. I love the Dibi Milano Age Method facial to bring my post-party puss back to life.

Favourite skincare products?

The Dibi Milano Hydra Perfection Extreme Moisturising Concentrate, €44, which is packed with hyaluronic acid. Do you mask? Yes, I use the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Sheet Face Mask, €7. I love that it only takes five minutes to make a difference.

Who are your glam squad?

I go to Brown Sugar – mainly the Ranelagh branch, as it’s near where I live. I never seem to manage to actually make an appointment – I always land in there and hope someone is free to do me, and they are all excellent. I normally come in with my hair washed myself – it cuts down on time, so I’m in and out in an hour, hair and make-up done.


For nails, I love Toni in Hillary in Ranelagh – she’s quick and meticulous. And because I’m not a great planner, I tend to use Vita Liberata Body Blur rather than self-tan. It’s an instant body make-up that is foolproof.

Which make-up brands do you love?

Armani, Charlotte Tilbury, Trinny London, Tom Ford, Nars, MAC and YSL; I’m a big fan of a good palette, and multi-purpose products. What goes in your clutch bag? MILK – money, iPhone, lipstick and key.

Have you a magical hangover cure?

You are asking the wrong person here! My hangovers are legendary. I have been known to appear on my Instagram the morning after the night before where all I can do is huff and puff like a blowfish! Nothing really works for me. The only time I ever drink coconut water – ice-cold, as it’s so vile – is when I’m particularly bad, as I feel that helps some bit.

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