Trinny Woodall's make-up collection has a pop-up in Brown Thomas until Saturday

Trinny Woodall wants us to rethink our make-up routines.

Trinny Woodall is larger than life. On Thursday morning, the Irish press joined her for breakfast in The Restaurant in Brown Thomas, to launch her pop-up in Brown Thomas this weekend.

Within minutes she's demonstrating exactly how she tries on clothes in a changing room without her make-up coming off for a room full of up-held smartphones trying to get a clip of the make-over advisor, television presenter and social media star for their Instagram Stories.

She is full of quips that you don't know how to respond to, like, "every season for 25 years, I've bought a key piece or print from Prada" and "I had to change my top in the backseat of the taxi on the way here while I was live on Instagram and I don't wear bras."

She speaks about fashion like it's architecture, advising us all how to dress for our shapes, but she speaks about beauty like it's poetry, with all the raw passion of Aoife McGregor sending a voice note to her dog groomer. "Beauty is more important to me than fashion because I had terrible skin and chronic cystic acne when I was younger."


"With TRINNY London, I wanted to have a solution for women, the women who carry around an enormous make-up bag. Never lose sight of the woman you are behind the make-up. I wanted women to rethink the routine they've always done. You could be in your 20's and since you were 16-years-old you've used the same make-up, you might be in your first job and want to try something more chic, or maybe you're in your 30's and feel lost in nappies and intimidated by the women around you. I want women to rethink their routines."

She's got 349k followers on her own account, a massive percentage of which she says are Irish followers. "Irish women love to get glam, which I love." Her make-up collection is cream-based, no-nonsense and designed to suit exactly you. On the website, you fill out your colour profile - Trinny has called it Match2Me. You tell Match2Me your exact hair, eye and skin colour and Match2Me will tell you the exact foundation shade, eye colours, lip colours, blush, highlighter and contour that is unique to you. While you might not have faith in an online profile that can tell you your foundation shade, I received my Match2Me products yesterday and they were perfect shades.

The cream-based products can all be applied with your fingertips, to limit heavy coverage, and they come in screw-top pots that all snap into a stack together, meaning your make-up bag can now fit into your back pocket, saving you time, space, heavy-handbag-induced back pain and general faffing. You can watch Trinny applying her face with her products regularly on her Instagram account if you'd like a tutorial, and if you're not convinced yet, it's all reasonably priced too, with the most expensive products being the primer and skin perfector, BFF Cream, at €42 and foundation costing €34.

Want to see it on before you commit to buying? Head along to her pop-up in Brown Thomas. Trinny is still in the country - until this Saturday 14th April, she will be hosting inclusive in-store events at Brown Thomas. The three-day pop-up is on Level 2, where you can receive a personalised Match2Me consultation. TRINNY London is also currently available on


TRINNY London is available at

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