Tried and Tested: The luxury CBD brand now in Harvey Nichols

Luxury CBD brand Apothem has just launched in Ireland, and I've been trialling three or four of their hero products. Here are the ones I'll be rebuying...

Haven't heard of Apothem yet? I hadn't until recently, but it's the first CBD brand that piqued my interest. Its luxurious but simple packaging and commitment to high quality botanical formulations kept me interested long enough to try them.

One of the things I liked about the brand after a bit of research is their apparent commitment to quality - they source everything they use from reputable suppliers who abide by strict vegan and anti-animal cruelty policies.

Body products


Their products are wellness focused and do include CBD oil drops for day, night and defence. But their body products interested me from a beauty perspective.

luxury CBD


€65 for 100ml, from Harvey Nichols

This is a cream-gel that combines pure CBD with actives and botanicals like magnesium, arnica and eucalyptus. I've been using it on my shoulders, as with a desk-based job, I tend to get quite sore after hours hunched at the keyboard.

I used it daily for three weeks and loved it. In their own trials, 99% of people agreed that it helped relax muscle tension, and I'd be inclined to agree with them on it.

Bath Salts


Because I liked the Recharge product that I tested, I went and bought the bath salts. I felt a massive difference in both my body and my mind relaxing after using them just one time. And my house didn't have that CBD (sometimes unpleasant) smell. A new favourite for bath time for me.


luxury CBD

Unfortunately (for me!) their body oil (called Sculpt) was out of my price range - at over €300 a bottle, I just couldn't justify it. Although I can imagine if that's something you're able to afford, you'd find it as effective as the rest of this innovative range.

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Photo from @apothemlabs on Instagram

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