Beauty trends to watch for 2019, according to Ireland’s top salon experts

Ahead of this year's Business of Beauty Awards (which are only three weeks away!), we're catching up with all of the nominees to learn their tricks of the trade. Today, we're talking about beauty trends with some of the country's top salon experts. Here's what they said to look out for in 2019...

Melissa Bolger

Salon Social – Newbridge, Co Kildare

"We've seen an increase of enquiries about our facial anaesthetic clinic. To progress this opportunity, we will offer free consultations with our in-house doctor to give as much information possible to our clients."

Melissa adds, "Since we introduced our Opatra Dermasonic machine to our facial room, we're seeing a surge in interest of our Facial LED light therapy, so this is also an area of focus for us."


"Our mink lash bar is rapidly becoming one of our most popular treatments, with many repeat customers. We will continue to focus on this as an offering with Lash lifts as an additional service," she says.


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Ellen Kavanagh

Waxperts – Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

"Brows are still hugely on trend. We’re looking at taking that a step further this year and bringing something very special out. So watch this space!"


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Olga Kochlewska

Skin by Olga – Donnybrook, Dublin 4

"The spring/summer trends I feel are about going back to basics and responding to our environment," Olga tells us. "When I say basics, I mean cleansing; we really want to look at the way we are cleansing our skin; the products, the methods, and the regularity. This is really crucial and the foundation from which we have to work with.

"When we have a thoroughly cleansed foundation," Olga continues, "we then look at the way the epidermis is responding to its environment (which we all know is heavily polluted). Our skin has a lot to deal with every day! So, here, I feel the trend is to work with lots of anti-pollution and oxygenating products and methods. How we do this in Skin by Olga, is to work with these specific oxygenating products, oxygenating boosters, and of course, our famous OxyLight machine. These all focus on lifting the skin by enhancing the vital element of great skincare; oxygen."


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Burgundy Beauty – Newtownpark, Co Dublin

"I definitely feel skincare will keep growing." Laura says. "Our skin clinic certainly has progressed so much over the last couple of years – and it still is. Nails are back to almond shape for 2019," she adds, "and glossy make-up is back too. Natural lashes are also growing in popularity; the LVL lash lift performed on natural lashes is going to be huge again for 2019."


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Karen Buckey

Mimi’s Beauty Room – Seafort Avenue, Dublin 4


"Skincare has always been huge, but it’s only getting bigger and better year on year."


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Top photo: Jason Lloyd-Evans

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