Trend Alert: Are You Brave Enough To Try A Rainbow Fringe?

Move over glitter roots; you've had your time to sparkle. If you're ready to change up your hair according to the latest trends, you're going to need a serious set of cojones for this one: rainbow bangs. For us, cutting a fringe into our hair is about as wild as it gets. But for some Instagrammers, it's simply not enough to work some vibrant hues through the ends of your tresses, a la the #RainbowHair trend. Spotted by Cosmopolitan's Maya Ellen, this is a trend that's spreading fast across the social media platform and involves the subtle blending of colours to frame your face. Well, we say subtle, if you're going to take a leaf out of Amber LeBon's book and mix some rose gold with some pink. Then there are those who are brave enough to represent every colour of the rainbow above their peepers.

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What do you think of this trend? Would you try it?

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glitter Did you get on bored with the glitter roots trend in late 2015?

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