Treat Yo Self: Creme De La Mer's Renewal Oil

For the first time ever, Creme De La Mer are toying with one of our most beloved skincare goodies: oil. They've created a magical elixir named 'Renewal Oil' that is said to bring life and lustre to everything from your head to your toes. Destined to garner itself a cult-like following, this incredibly potent potion is so much more than a one-trick pony; it's multi-faceted.

There's long been much debate around the price point of the likes of Creme De La Mer, with people often wondering if it's really worth the investment. Having tried and tested everything from their facial Protecting Fluid and their Reparative Sun Body Lotion (with respective SPFs of 30 and 50), not to mention their €60 pot of lip balm (magic for your mouth), we at IMAGE can testify that this stuff really works. It's incredibly hydrating, luxurious on your skin, and you will see results. With an impressive track record thus far, we've got nothing but love for their latest innovation, The Renewal Oil.

Packed with their patented 'Miracle Broth', this product has been formulated first and foremost for the face, but is so effective they recommend use on everything from your hair to your body and even your nails. The broth, derived from the sea, married with a youth renewing ferment combine to restore your skin's natural, youthful glow. Collagen is improved, lifted, plumped while fine lines are blurred to perfection. With daily use, your skin will become more and more fortified, and more and more compliment-worthy.


In one fell swoop, your skin will be bathed in a warm glow, infused with essential sea nutrients and renewed with long-lasting, visible results.

?180 and worth it. As the kids say, treat yo self.

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