Ten tips on how to stay flawless while travelling

Taking a mini-break this June bank holiday? Travel writer and makeup artist, Nadia el Ferdaoussi, gives us her top tips on how to keep up with your beauty regime while travelling. 

On day one of the first ever #IMAGEBeautyFest Nadia el Ferdaoussi, travel writer and make-up artist, gave us her top tips on how to stay looking flawless while travelling.

1. Write a list before packing

Nadia says that writing lists are the key to being organised when travelling, but it's even more important to stick to them. She suggests writing out exactly what products you are going to bring, and not to overpack.


2.  Rock the natural look

One thing Nadia said she has changed about her makeup routine from being submerged into different cultures is the amount she wears. Us Irish gals tend to wear a lot when we really don't need to.  Nadia says that rocking the natural look is the best way to look good with minimal effort and minimal products.

"I don't want to be in the hotel spending hours getting ready, I want to be out doing something"

3. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Exfoliating the skin is the key to prep before going away, says Nadia. Her favourite product for exfoliating is Soap & Glory's Fake Away. As it says on the bottle, 'It takes you from reptilian to radiant!'

€10, Boots

4. Protect your skin


One of Nadia's most important tips, if not the most important, is to ensure that you are protecting your skin with a high SPF. Nadia wears at least factor 30 no matter what.

"My tan lasts much longer using at least SPF 30. You're not going to burn so you're not going to peel, and it will also be much much healthier". 

€18, Boots

5. SPF in your makeup is not enough

It's not enough to just wear makeup on your face that has an SPF in it — you must also wear suncream under it. Nadia explained that makeup just doesn't have enough SPF in it, even if it is 30, to protect your whole face. However, she did say if you don't have sensitive skin that using body suncream on your face is a great alternative (Fewer bottles to bring away too).

6. Choose cream products over liquid


Nadia uses cream products over liquid wherever she can when travelling. It saves from any smashing happening in your luggage and is easier for security too.


Sleek cream contour, €13.99, Boots

7. Stay hydrated

It can be hard to remember to drink water at the best of times, but especially while travelling and abroad we can all be guilty of forgetting to keep ourselves hydrated. Your body and skin especially need hydrating when flying, so Nadia suggests bringing an empty reusable bottle on the plane and asking staff to fill it up for you. Your skin and overall energy levels will definitely thank you for it.

8. Always decant your liquids

Even if you are checking in a bag, Nadia suggests decanting your liquids into smaller plastic bottles. Not only will it save leaks in your luggage, but it's much lighter and saves you lugging a dozen bottles while travelling. Nadia also mixes products together in one bottle to save space — for example, she mixes her foundation with a little bit of liquid highlighter, to give that holiday glow.


9. Use a gradual tan over a wash-off

For most of us Irish girls, we don't tan very well. If you're pale-skinned but still love to go abroad with a glow, Nadia recommends a gradual tanner, like Dove Visible Glow gradual tan lotion. This will ensure that you are both tanning and moisturising, and you won't get that scaly look that most wash-off tans give after fading.


€9.99, Boots 

10. Get your glow on

Glowy skin is the key to looking flawless without having to use lots of makeup and products, according to Nadia. Her favourite product for getting that glow for both your body and face is Becca Cosmetics liquid highlighter in the colour 'champagne pop'.


€39, Boots 

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