Top Tan Tricks!

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Make your muscles look more lithe, and slim down your silhouette, with these clever body-contouring techniques...

Glossybox beauty expert Amanda Harrington's artistic use of tan to sculpt the female form has earned her the loyalty of clients like Poppy Delevingne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She lets us in on how she preps the A-list before they take off in their private jets...

1. The problem with fake tanning is that it's just one colour, and it gives a flat, lifeless appearance to the body. Skin is three-dimensional, so? we need to approach fake tan? like make-up, which is all about building up layers and shape. You'll need a gradual tan, and two shades (a light and dark) of your normal fake tan to try this technique at home. It sounds complicated, but once you see the results, you'll never look back. It works best using cream or gel tanning formulas, as mousses and sprays are too hard to blend and control.

2. Start by applying a generous layer of gradual tan all over the body. Apply as you would a body cream, and wait ten minutes. I love Dove Summer Glow, €3.40, or for a serious splurge, try Cr'me de la Mer The Face and Body Gradual Tan, €80.


3. Then, using a tanning mitt, buff your regular tone of self-tan onto the body. I still swear by the original St Tropez Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion, €42.

4. To contour and create the illusion of a slimmer waist, apply the darker of the tans directly onto the hip area and around onto the side naval - Use large, sweeping motions with?a mitt to blend into your base layer. Apply to the upper sides of the naval to create the darker edges down the sides of your silhouette. Your waist will instantly appear slimmer.

5. The legs should always be the darkest area of the body. They can take more colour, as they have a denser muscle group, which needs defining. To create a slimmer leg, apply the darker tan onto the sides of the thigh from hip to knee. Then, use long strokes up and down with your mitt until blended. Apply round the back of the calves and up, to slim the back of the leg.

6. Once tan has properly developed, shower off and brush a body sheen powder or highlighter up the centre of the legs to elongate. Do the same down arms and collarbones. To prolong your contour tan, steer clear of body oils, take showers, not long, lengthy baths, and keep moisturising every day.

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