Top 5 Beauty Icons of All Time

If somebody were to ask you who would rank among the top beauty icons of all time, you'd probably already guess that Audrey Hepburn would reign supreme. Yes, according to a survey shared by Look magazine, the pixie haired star of Breakfast at Tiffany's, with her timeless, classic aesthetic, is the one person that most of us mere mortals seek to emulate. Given that she was never particularly over the top, Audrey's look has always been somewhat accessible. Should you dare to trim your fringe well above your brows and don a pair of ballet pumps, you're already on your way. Lily Collins has it down to a tee.

Next in line, it is of course Marilyn Monroe, recently appointed as Max Factor's Global Brand Ambassador (not that she's got much say in that, God rest her soul). While today's celebrities including Rita Ora, Scarlett Johansson (who also ranked among our favourite beauty icons of all time) and Gwen Stefani have obviously been inspired by her blonde bombshell look, it's not often we turn our hand to 'The Marilyn', unless we're headed out to a fancy dress party.

Regardless of the many failed attempts at emulating her look, there's no denying Marilyn's position here.


Next up? It's one of our favourites, Hollywood actress turned royal princess Grace Kelly, confirming our evident appreciation for old school, classic beauty. Even as recent as this weekend's Golden Globes, stars continue to add a touch of royalty to their red carpet looks. Taylor Schilling certainly gave it a bash. And Nicole Kidman, who actually played Grace of Monaco in the eponymous biopic, has long been compared with the princess for her often regal simplicity.


Coming in at number four, we STILL haven't reached someone with a social media profile. It's Italy's most revered actress, Sophia Loren, who famously said that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.' She'd be right, but it certainly helps when you look like Sophia did.

It's not until you get to to the number five spot that a modern day icon comes to the fore. Of all the stars to grace the covers of your local shop's magazines, it's Queen Bey who made the cut. Though we've never been likely to give Beyonce props for her sartorial choices (she's amazing, but one look at her former House of Dereon fashion line would make you ill), she is insanely beautiful.


With such a focus on the stars of days gone by, we're surprised to see no mention of Elizabeth Taylor in the top 5. Wasn't she just mesmerisingly beautiful?

Who are your beauty icons?


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