Tired? Here's how to fake awakeness in 3 easy steps

Tired after the festivities? Here are some tricks to make you look less exhausted — we can't guarantee these will make you feel any more awake though...

Back to work blues, combined with 7 am feeling like the middle of the night rather than the morning, means that many of us are sitting at our desks basically asleep with our eyes open.

There are precious few ways to catch up on sleep but there are some tricks you can try to fake it. Making your eyes look more awake can fool everyone into thinking you're well-rested and ready to kick 2020's behind.



Chanel Stylo Yeux in Blanc Graphique, €25 

White liner

Tiredness is all in the eyes. You can put foundation on dull skin to hide the fact that you've been burning the candle at both ends, but there are things to help your eyes belie your lack of sleep too. I turn to the Chanel Stylo in Blanc Graphique, €25 when I need to look wide-eyed, and it works every time. Just on the lower waterline, it'll make your eyes look fresher. I then pile on a load of mascara and no one would know how little time I've spent in the leaba.



Danielle Jade Roller, €7.96 


Jade rolling

There's nothing as soothing for tired eyes as a good ol' roll with a cooling and smooth jade roller. Bring the smaller roller up and out towards your eyes, moving from nose to temple gently. For added cooling effects, keep the roller in the fridge before use. I quite often just hold it gently right under my eye for a few seconds to make me feel more alive — the placebo effect works wonders!

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Enthusiasta, €36

Red lips

If there's nothing helping your eyes, draw attention away from the area by wearing the brightest pop of colour imaginable on your lips. It'll brighten your face and give the illusion that you've made a big make-up effort, particularly if red lips aren't usually your thing.

Photography by Chanel.


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