Tips to stop you getting into trouble with your nail technician

My nail technician is a genius when it comes to manicures, but a lot of what happens your nails relies on good home care. I'll admit, I don't always follow my own rules. But here they are nonetheless.

Gosia, my long-suffering, very dedicated and insanely talented nail gal has been doing my nails for three years, every fortnight like clockwork. And every fortnight, like clockwork, I anticipate being told off for one of my many nail-related bad habits.

I pick my cuticles. I bite my nails when I'm anxious. In the past, I've picked at my Shellac. I break all the cardinal rules of nail care, and in spite of Gosia's best efforts to reprimand me, I still forget myself from time to time.


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Why you're dry

My problems stem from dryness, I think. There are so many reasons your nails could be breaking or your cuticles could be flaky, but most of them come down to just that - dryness. If your nails and skin are well hydrated, you'll avoid a lot of the issues you might get the side-eye from your nail tech for. Really, there are two ways to do this.

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CND Solar Oil Cuticle Conditioner

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The skin around your nail needs to be nourished in order for a healthy nail to grow. A good cuticle oil will make that happen, if applied regularly. I am now trained to use cuticle oil every night before bed, and it's become part of my night time ritual.
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Alpha H Age Delay Hand and Cuticle Cream

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Likewise, a really great handcream is key. I use this one every night before bed, I really slather it on, but I also have a handcream in every handbag, one in my car, one at my desk and I just apply the whole time. Especially after I wash my hands, but any time I'm tempted to pick my cuticles or bite my nails.

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