Time-Lapse Video Shows How Fashion Images Are Retouched

We weren't born yesterday. We all know that in the fashion and beauty industry, that the images we see in advertisements are rarely not manipulated. Models haven't have pores since the late eighties and unretouched images are more of a stunt than anything.

These videos from Rare Digital Art, an agency that works with some of the most recognisable brands and magazines on the planet, give us normal a glimpse at how Photoshop really goes down. And, who knows, maybe we'll all see these kind of images for the unobtainable fantasies they are and stop feeling so bad about ourselves?

The first video shows 6 hours boiled down to 90 seconds, as a sultry model has her skin freed of blemishes, her lip liner cleaned up and her teeth straightened.

The second video sees 4 hours compressed to 90 seconds. Hair is thickened, skin is given a healthier flush, and ear veins are toned down.


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