Three for Tuesday: Volume-giving mascaras that you might not think to pick up

There are some mascaras that have achieved holy grail status, and deservedly so. But I've discovered three recently that were flying under my radar, and they give exceptionally good lash...

There's no mascara (not one I've found anyway) that can be all things to all men - understandable, as we all seem to want different combinations from ours. But for me, volume is always paramount. These three gems are new discoveries for me, and I thought I'd share them in case they're under your radar too.

Big, bold, brilliant

Isadora's best-selling mascara, Big Bold mascara, is actually unreal. It caught my eye because for the month of May, you can get it for €7.98 - which is a solid 50% off the normal price. It's blacker than black, great for sensitive eyes and doesn't transfer onto your face. I'm a bit of an eye toucher, so I'm glad of that particular feature.

Back to the brand

I've never been very involved with Illamasqua as a brand - I think I missed the boat the first time it had a massive surge of popularity in Ireland. But now that it's having a resurgence, I'm on board. The incredible Masquara Gain was the first mind-changing product I tried - a volumising, thick and plumping mascara that doesn't feel like tar when applied. It goes on like a silky dream while still giving a good, lasting coat to your lashes.

Budget brilliance

I don't always have the money to splash out on mascara, especially because after having laser eye surgery a few years ago, my eyes are super sensitive to gone-off product. Enter Penneys with their incredible selection of really great mascaras for just €3 - the Aqua Lash is great, but the 3D effect one is incredible for a blast of volume. And  for €3? Over-performs massively.


Penneys 3D Lash Effect mascara, €3

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