3 for Tuesday: Scents to give as V-day gifts (handy at the last minute)

Scents are a very personal thing to buy, but there are some classics and reliables that will land well this Valentine's day. Here are some of my favourites this year...

When you're thinking of buying fragrance as a gift, it's advisable not to go on too much of a solo run. Try, at least, to do a bit of CIA-style spying on the giftee and see what they're already using.

Failing that, and if a scent really is the gift you want to give, buy something timeless, classic or at the very least, romantic. Here are some I don't think you could go far wrong with.



Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils (x4)

€75 from brownthomas.com

These are just darling. Taking Chanel's already iconic and eternally classic Chance range, putting the scents into pencil format and grouping them for a range of fragrance options? A totally genius idea, if you ask me. I'm already a big Chanel fan, so this would prove a very impressive gift for me.


Emporio Armani In Love With You Freeze, from €58-€108

and Emporio Armani Stronger With You Freeze from €63-€84 both from Boots.ie

Emporio Armani has launched an update to its 'With You' duo. The two new fragrances are In Love With You Freeze and Stronger With You Freeze. They say, "Freeze the moment and make it last forever", and their gorgeous campaign (as you can see above) features actors Nicholas Hoult and Alice Pagani. The 'for her' is a fruity floriental and the 'for him' is a creamy, woody and yet still fresh scent.



Calvin Klein CK1 Everyone

€51 from theperfumeshop.com/ie

A tribute to individuality and freedom of expression, this one is literally called 'Everyone' and so should (and will, IMO) appeal to the masses while still being a top-quality scent. Master perfumer and creator of the original CK One fragrance, Alberto Morillas, made it a gender-neutral fragrance that's fresh, clean and if I do say so myself, a bit sexy.

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Photo courtesy of Emporio Armani

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