3 for Tuesday: Colour correcting concealers

Colour correcting isn't the same as coverage when it comes to concealing. They do different things, and you may need both. Here are my favourite three for the former job...

Dark circles are oft misunderstood. I mean, I hate mine and I'm happy to let them stay misunderstood out of spite. But really, taking down that harsh blue tone under my eyes is a goal I can't be stubborn about.

Colour correcting is key

Instead of just going straight onto my face with a skin coloured concealer, I'll often start with a peach colour corrector to take down the blueness under the eyes - peach cancels out blue. Then I'll top that, if necessary with my regular, every day favourite concealer.


Colour cancelling

As I said above, peach cancels out blue tones. Green cancels out redness, so if your issue is with broken capillaries or rosacea, green concealing might be needed. And then purple colour correctors cancel out dark spots and brightens more sallow skin in general.

These three are the best of the colour correctors, of the, oh, half a million I've tried?

colour correcting

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

€25 from brownthomas.com

colour correcting


Stila Correct & Perfect All-in-One Correcting Palette

€38.95 from lookfantastic.com

colour correcting

Vichy Dermablend Colour Corrector Green

€19.05 from caretobeauty.com



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