The three beauty products I didn't realise how much I relied upon... until I ran out

It's true what Joni Mitchell told us in 1970. You really don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. In this instance, unlike Joni, I'm talking about my favourite beauty products.

You're skipping blithely through your day when all of a sudden you realise - you've run out of your favourite eyeliner/shampoo/foundation and nothing else seems to work as well.

This happened me three times in quick succession this week. I went from mildly shook to extravagantly upset as I ran out of one, after another, after another. Does it happen this way to other people too? Everything you own seems to run out simultaneously and you've to sell all your clothes on Depop to foot the Boots bill?

Shook (and textureless)


My hair is a constant personal challenge. But I've found my groove and settled into a long-term relationship with a few key, life-saving hair products. From my holy grail Nioxin shampoo to my Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo, I'm happy out. A central component of my hair regimen is my Moroccanoil Texture Spray. Without it, my hair is lifeless, too soft, textureless and flat AF.

I ran out of it the other day right when I needed to bodify my gruaig. Well, I substituted with a below-par interloper and the result just was not the same.


Moroccanoil Texture Spray

€21.45 from

So fresh, so clean

I have way too many cleansers. I'll admit that. I'll also argue to the death that I need them all. Sure, how am I supposed to know if my skin will be oily one morning, dry the next day or packed full of make-up all weekend? I need options.


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But my one fail-safe, old reliable, the one I go to when I need a really fresh and smooth cleanse, is my Prescribed Solutions Starting Up/Face glycolic and salicylic cleanser. It is phenomenal and just really suits my skin more than any other prescription-strength cleanser I've tried.


Prescribed Solutions Starting Up/Face

€30 from

It girl, not so much

When I was first introduced to It Cosmetics as a brand, I immediately sensed it would become a favourite of mine, and it has. The standout product, for me, is their CC Cream, and while I never expected it to creep into my all-time top foundation chart, it did very quickly.


It has SPF50, ideal. It primes the skin so you don't absolutely need another layer of product, and the coverage is so good I've practically ditched my redness colour corrector. I ran out the other day (how I don't know - I bought it in bulk) and was bereft to have to apply SPF first, then primer, then correct my red cheeks and THEN apply foundation. Such effort. Lesson learned.


It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream in Light

€39 from Arnotts

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

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