The 3 key beauty lessons I learned on Instagram this weekend

Beauty lessons from those who know their industry best are always a good idea. And if you go to the right places, Instagram is an incredible place to learn. Here's what new info I gleaned this weekend...

In spite of many years of experience in the beauty industry, I'm well aware of my capacity to keep learning and that you never, ever know everything. Or even nearly everything. So each weekend (usually on a lazy Sunday) I'll spend some time visiting my favourite beauty accounts and listening to those who know better talk about what the new learnings are from the ever-changing world of beauty.

This week, I learned why Sunday is the best time to focus on your skin, especially in winter, how backcombing can be done successfully and what is NOT a good thing to do with your lash curler. Read on!

Beauty lesson 1:


I learned from @alexsteinherr, former Glamour beauty director, that...

"I really feel it pays off to make more of an effort with a Sunday facial. If during the week you don't have that much time to do your skincare, and it's really literally just doing the basics, take that bit more time on a Sunday to really look after your skin. It really is under more stress, climactically, the cold, the heat, but also the late nights too take a toll on the skin, the extra indulging — in my case the mince pies and sweet stuff. It pays off to make the Sunday facial count."


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Beauty lesson 2:

I learned from @katrinakellyeducation on @tara_makeup's story that...

"When you want volume from backcombing, you're going to elevate everything upwards. The more you lift the hair up the more height you'll get on your volume. And backcomb gently downwards. And you won't damage your hair that way."



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Beauty lesson 3:

I learned from @hunnybomb that...

You should never, ever, take anyone's advice when they instruct you to use an eyelash curler on my LIPS (yes, you read that right) to make them look more plump. Sorry, @hunnybomb, but that's just bad advice. You could end up bruised or worse, and the plumpness isn't going to last. Oh, and it'll probably hurt.


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