3 Irish-made products you'd be mad not to add to your beauty collection

Irish-made beauty is having a serious moment right now, with incredible brands bringing out truly unique products. Here are some stand-outs that I will never be without.

Irish-made wonders

I love buying Irish. I try to do so as often as possible, and with all of the incredible beauty advancements in Ireland lately, it's becoming really easy to. Pestle and Mortar, Modern Botany, Warrior Botanicals are just some of the amazing brands I've been loving recently, but these three are stand-outs for me.

Kinvara Elemental Exfoliating Powder


€34.95 from kinvaraskincare.com

I love a gentle exfoliation, and I dislike beads in products, so this one is the perfect blend for me. It's got seaweed and vitamin C in there to hydrate and brighten, and it foams up with water to gentle slough off any dead skin cells. There's nothing I despise more than washing your face and then afterwards being still able to feel beads or grains everywhere, so this takes that annoyance away altogether.

It's also a dry formula, so you can take it away with you and not have to include it in your liquids bag! Handy.

Codex Beauty Bia Facial Oil

€100 from codexbeauty.com

Codex Beauty combines clean ingredients, cutting-edge technology and indigenous Irish botanicals to create their Bia range. I've tried (and loved) their Skin Superfood, but this facial oil is another dream from the brand. It's a 'short' oil which means it absorbs quickly, and it gives immense hydration to even the driest skin.

I use this at night time mostly, on my face and sometimes even on my body depending on if I have a dry patch or if I feel a particular area needs extra TLC.



Seavite Toning Sea Spray

€25 from seavite.com

Seavite's toner is like getting a wash of sea air into your face - possibly the most refreshing toner there is. It's got seaweed extracts to hydrate, rose water and witch hazel to soothe, and it doesn't contain alcohol so isn't drying at all. It's my favourite from Seavite as a brand, although I also love their body cream.

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Photo from Instagram @codexbeauty

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