Three 90s' movie icons whose beauty looks are still on trend

These 90s movie beauties were iconic back then, but that their make-up, hair and general look stood the test of time and is still relevant today is testament to just how effortless they made it look on screen...





Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman


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Julia Roberts is one of my all-time beauty favourites - I love that she embraces her natural beauty and her smile is all she really needs to wear. Likewise in the ultimate 90s movie, Pretty Woman, when she transforms from her street persona, who's all liner and blush and eyebrows, to her real self, Vivian Ward.

She can work either look beautifully, but the brows, skin and youthful flush of blush from the parts of the movie where she's got her natural red curls showing is my favourite.

Demi Moore in A Few Good Men


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It's a 90s movie I've seen a hundred times before, and for some wild reason I always focused on the acting, the iconic one-liners ("you can't HANDLE the truth!") and Tom Cruise before he got his teeth redone. But last time I watched it, I found myself transfixed by the coral lip, coral eye seriously modern combination that Demi was rocking.

Natural, brushed-up brows accompanied a really fresh and natural take on orange, and inspired by her, I recreated the look the next day. It's summer in a face. Try it.

Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction


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How many celebs have gone over to the bob side recently? Many. And the iconic red lip? Uma as Mia Wallace will always be a beauty icon, spawning thousands upon thousands of cut-price Halloween copies (myself being one of them), but always bringing the drama.


The sharp, matte, true red lip, combined with the pared-back skin and blonder-than-they-should've-been brows are a look that carried well out of the 90s.

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