This Lip Lab Can Create ANY Shade Of Lipstick In The Universe

We know that our eyes are the window to the soul, but our lips equally play a big role in telling the world who you are through colour (not just by the words you say). It can be frustrating trying to find the right shade to complement your skin or eyes (is red or pink really the best colour for our complexion?), but this lip lab exists purely for the purposes of creating unique, highly personal and once-off lipsticks for women. So you can say goodbye to walking around wondering whether or not the colour you're wearing is actually nice, or if your friends are too polite to say otherwise.

Established in 2012, the Bite Beauty Lip Lab is a bespoke makeup service that can literally create any shade of lipstick you like using super pigmented ingredients as well as natural ingredients (including very edible ones). While mainstream shades are sold in Sephora stores around the world, the real magic is in the bespoke appointment service; A.K.A lip heaven.?The concept was founded by?Susanne Langmuir who was inspired by kitchen chemistry?and driven to fill the void for cosmetics.


Bespoke services are by appointment only at their New York and Toronto locations. Think Willy Wonka, except the sweets in this shop enhances your beauty instead of sending your sugar levels into overdrive. Consultations are on a one-on-one basis with an expert lipstick artist who will guides clients through the overwhelming options of colours (darker shades are most requested according to sources).



An example of some of the shades available at The Lip Lab

When customers are finished customising their desired colour they can choose?four finishes (creme, matte, sheer, and deluxe), any combination of 7 fragrances (cherry, mint, vanilla, citrus, mango, violet or superfruit) and four optional shimmers. Once you're ready, you can watch your lipstick turn from pigment?to soft gunk, to beautiful bullet right before your eyes.

Looking for something similar but a little closer to home? Lynne Sanders' Cosmetics A La Carte opened it's doors during the early 70's and was the first bespoke makeup service this side of the Atlantic, and although these services don't come very cheap (prices from $80 at The Lip Lab and €55 at Cosmetics A La Carte), knowing that your colour, shade, texture and even smell is 100% bespoke is a thing of beauty...and worth every penny.

Have you ever visited either beauty labs? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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