This Kylie Jenner Challenge Needs To Stop

OK, ladies. Enough already with the Kylie Jenner Challenge. Your lips are swollen, bruised, ridiculous looking and, we imagine, pretty sore.

In a bid to emulate the most popular lips on the internet, young'uns everywhere have been squeezing the life out of their smackers, sucking them through a restricted bottle or tube of some sort, cutting off the circulation to their lips' sensitive blood vessels. Though we don't recommend it, your lips will look bigger, but not in a good way. Unless you're going for that whole 'I've just been punched in the mouth' look. As would naturally follow such an activity these days, the young women (and a few men too) then take to Twitter or Instagram with their latest selfie, along with the hashtag, #KylieJennerChallenge (and in most cases, they're also including the hashtag #Fail, given their disastrous results).


The 'after' pics are as bad as you'd expect, and in some cases, lips have been forced so hard, that glass has broken and skin has been cut. Is this how far we're willing to go to recreate something that isn't natural to our own bodies? Even if it's just 'for a laugh', have we actually resorted to butchering ourselves for the sake of a social media reaction? We doubt if Kylie herself would condone such behaviour and though the KUWTK star has long been probed over her seemingly enhanced lips, Kylie has always claimed that it's a look she's achieved with a simple lip pencil. Maybe, in some weird way, this latest trend will put today's tweens off the idea of pumping up their lips to ridiculous effect. It's certainly worked on us.

So whatever you do, don't do this at home. In fact, don't do this at all, ever. Embrace the lips that God gave you and if you really must, invest in a lip plumping gloss. Life's too short for picking bits of glass out of your face, right?


Check out the full thread of pics here.



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