This Hack Should Give You Shiny, Frizz-Free Hair

Shiny, frizz-free and vibrant hair is an ideal we all strive towards. Granted, this is often not the easiest to achieve (the ever-changeable Irish climate doesn't exactly help), unless you were genetically blessed with perfect locks. There are endless columns that tell us how to go about taming our tresses. From washing it a little differently to contouring?and using various products, the list goes on. Now a celebrity hair stylist has said adding good, old-fashioned Tonic (Soda) Water to your washing routine could be the answer, giving us 'First Day' hair throughout the week.

This is because the flavourless, bubbly beverage contains Bicarbonate, which is a great agent for clarifying your hair and restoring its luster, according to Buzzfeed.

The water can remove any product residue, buildup from sweat, and even chlorine and salt water from swimming in the pool or ocean. Celebrity hair colourist Beth Minardi said?that it 'refreshes the scalp, dilutes and then lifts away the chlorine, and quickly ?fills? the cuticular layer of the hair, supporting protection.?

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It has also been used to tame frizz, and to keep the hair soft for people who live in areas where the water is ?hard,? meaning it has a high mineral content.

?It's gentler than clarifying shampoos, which often leave the hair feeling stripped and brittle,? he added. It is said to work particularly well if your hair is thick, curly and prone to tangle (though it can be used by everyone), and Minardi advises to condition the hair, as well as using the tonic water to achieve the optimum frizz-free effect. One your hair has been cleaned and conditioned accordingly, take a small bottle and distribute it evenly on your scalp and throughout your locks (you can lightly rinse your hair with cold water after if you wish, though this writer saw more results if it was left in). Your hair should be shiny, soft with no frizz in sight when finished.


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Another tip: if you're out swimming and don't want to rush to shampoo your hair, Minardi advised that you can use?a bottle of tonic and do a quick rinse to remove the toxins immediately. ?Just remember to shampoo and condition later.? The best part??You can find a bottle in your local shop for only a few euros.

Have you tried this before?

Via Buzzfeed

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