This ?Beauty Through The Decades? Video Is A Powerful Watch

There has been an array of time-lapse beauty videos?online of late. The usually quirky videos aim to chart make-up trends through the years and make for a fun watch.

Previously these videos have been on the light-hearted end of the spectrum. However, a new clip making the rounds is looking deeper into the beauty trends from the 1900s to the 1940s and aims to?act as a stark reminder of some of the harsh realities that women faced in this period. The result is an intriguing watch.

Karolina ?ebrowska, of Domowa Kostiumologia, decided to create a time-lapse video, where she focused not only on the glamorised versions of women but also on their real lives in the past century.

She believes previous beauty videos were missing an important narrative and explained that she wanted to commemorate and pay tribute to a group of powerful female historical figures from specific periods - the factory workers in 1900s Great Britain, the Suffragettes fighting for the rights of women and also those who struggled through the Great Depression in the '30s, for example. It's worth noting that the numbers given throughout the clip are specific to certain countries: "40% of women in factories (1901) refers to Great Britain only, [and] one out of nine women working in domestic service refers to Russia," ?ebrowska noted, under the Youtube video.

There's no doubting that the clip is striking for its depictions of these women; it presents the viewer with a realistic, eye-opening perspective on more than a simple?beauty trend (but don't get us wrong, we love many beauty trends).


?The usual videos seemed to show beauty standards in a very stereotypical and pop-culture type way, so I wanted to do a more historically accurate one. As I was doing some research, I became more aware that beautiful faces and fashion we see in photos, ads and fashion plates are just an idealistic version of reality,? she added.

?So, here's to reality.?

Watch the clip below:

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