Thinking of dyeing just the front part of your hair? Here's what you need to know

Dyeing your hair? Cool. Dyeing just those two front parts? Extra cool, this end of 2020. Dua Lipa is the leader of this trend, with many celebs following suit. Will you try it?

Are you brave enough to go two-tone? It's a statement, it's not a simple change and it can require time and investment in your hair. I'm naming the trend Front Bits, and that's the official title for the duration of this piece.

Some people have a naturally white piece of hair growth at the front (Cruella de Vil – does she count?) and that's possibly where this Front Bits trend stemmed from. Dua Lipa is making it modern with her black and bleached blonde hair posing quite the contrast.


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Another star who's gone down the two-tone route – albeit in a slightly different manner – is Billie Eilish. This look would, I'd imagine, require incredible levels of upkeep.


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And before we move on to advice on how to take care of Front Bits, can we take a brief moment for the original purveyor of Front Bits, Geri Halliwell (who's now known as Geri Horner)... What a gal.


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Keep it clean

Geri's bits notwithstanding, if you are thinking of hopping on this particular hair trend, there are some things to note before you go in.

  1. Make sure to treat the dyed portion differently than the rest of your less-colour treated hair. Instead of regular conditioner, apply an anti-breakage treatment every couple of days to keep the hair strong.
  2. If you've gone blonde at the front and want to keep it fresh, use purple shampoo, but again, only on those bits and follow it up with a treatment as purple shampoo can be quite drying.
  3. Lighten the front portions gradually. An overnight bleached blonde effect is almost impossible to achieve without breakage. Take your hairdresser's advice.

And lastly, bear in mind that this is a trend, and celebrities can get away with it more readily than your average woman. They've also got a full glam team ready to turn their hair back to normal in an instant should they need it. Just, you know... Caution.

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