The ultimate guide to eyelash extensions: cleansing, make-up, removing and more

 All your eyelash extensions questions answered.

Do you want to hear some beauty stats that really excite me, an enormous beauty nerd? Searches for eyelash extensions have grown +25.8% in the last year. There's an average of 883K searches per month in the US. That's almost a million searches a month! We're not just searching for where to get our eyelash extensions done, we are also looking for eyelash extension mascara, eyelash extension cleanser, how to remove eyelash extensions, lash serums and more.

We hit up the experts to get the ultimate guide to all your eyelash extensions queries.

How to prepare for your eyelash extensions

Based in Eden Beauty Group, County Wicklow, Susan Fox says, “Preparation and aftercare are key. In the days before application, stop using any oil-based products. The glue won’t adhere to the lashes properly if there’s oil on them. Wash your lashes with a gentle cleanser (or a drop of baby shampoo mixed with tepid water) to ensure all traces of mascara are removed before the extensions are applied.”

Do I need a lash serum?

Christoph McCormack at Christoph Eye Couture says, “Using a really good serum will always help to plump and protect your lashes, as well as helping them reach maximum length. Then if you decide to get extensions, your lash artist can achieve the ultimate effect once your natural lashes are healthy.” Harriet Mackey at the Blink Bar says, “I always recommend my long-time lash extension wearers to use a serum at night. My favourite one is Revitalash, €75 from beauty stores online – I have seen it do wonders for clients. Sometimes they have to stop using it because their natural lashes get too long!” Zanda Wait at Burgundy Beauty Salon says, “If you’re on a budget - castor oil is a fantastic way to boost lash health. It can be applied at night with a clean mascara wand or a cotton ball, and rinsed away in the morning."

Can I wear eyeliner and mascara with lash extensions?


Rachel Bryan at Claudine King Brows and Beauty says, “If you must use eyeliner, make sure you are removing it completely with an oil-free cleanser and preferably use a black eyeshadow with a wet, angled brush instead of a liquid.” Jennifer Mahon at The Brow Artist says, “Before using your curler, remember to disinfect it. Old make-up on the curler could be a breeding ground for bacteria, so you don’t want that near your eyes or lashes. When curling your lashes, always remember not to squeeze or tug too hard, and only curl for a maximum of five seconds to avoid unnecessary damage.”

Is there an eyelash extension cleanser I should use on my lashes?

Lashes Love Water Based Make-Up Remover, €12.95

If you rely on semi-permanent lashes, this is the eye make-up remover for you. Looking after your lashes with the right products at home will guarantee the longevity of your lashes. The Lashes Love Water-Based Make-Up Remover will not weaken the adhesive eyelash bond or extensions but will absolutely remove all stubborn eye make-up.

How do I remove individual eyelashes?

According to Olivia Fitzsimons on 18/19 College Green, Dublin 2, do not try this at home. "I would always recommend going to a salon, as it's too tempting to start picking them at home! If you really can't make it to a lash technician for removal, use oil – oil all the way. Soak the lashes in oil and wait until they slide off, there should be no damage at all."


Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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