The Ultimate Fragrance For Cat Lovers

If you could smell like anything in the world, you probably wouldn't be pleased to give off the scent of an animal. Or maybe you would. The stench of a wet dog would certainly turn heads, but for all the wrong reasons of course. What about cats, however? Apparently, their fragrance is one that this Japanese olfactory company believe will be a guaranteed hit. Sure, kittens smell like miniature hot water bottles encased in fluff that, we guess, is nice, but don't full grown cats just smell like kitty litter, fish remains and stale fur? No, cat lovers - especially in Japan - have actually likened the whiff of a cat's head to that of freshly baked bread and 'the smell of sunshine'.

If you're down with that sort of thing or you've got high hopes of becoming a crazy cat lady, Yamamoto Perfumery has created a fragrance that will help your favourite fabrics smell like the head of a bunch of cats. Of all the fragrances to have been bottled and sold, this is up there among the most bizarre. Even more crazy, is the amount of research that went into creating this feline sensation: Mr Yamamoto spend four months doing nothing but sniffing cats, determined to get it just right.

The spray that is yet to be available in Ireland retails at $9.99 each and, given the success of cats on the internet in general, we won't be at all shocked to see this product give Kylie Jenner's lip kit a run for her money.


Meanwhile, we've taken it upon ourselves to spend the next year sniffing newborn baby's heads because now THAT would be a multi-million dollar fragrance business.


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