The Ultimate Festival Beauty Trend: Inkspo Tattoos

Step away from the floral headbands, dear festival goers. The latest in 'something you wouldn't necessarily wear every day but it's kinda fun' trends has arrived. Combining our love for jewellery, accessories and tattoos all in one, say hello to Inkspo Tats.

Mini mandalas available from our 'Egyptian Princess' set. Inkspo Tats also work on nails! #inkspotats

We stumbled upon their stall at this weekend's Canalaphonic and expect to see them with queues that double back and forth at this summer's festivals. Whether you want to go all out with body art, you want to experiement with your nails or you've been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo but you're not sure if you're ready to commit, Inkspo Tats provide the perfect temporary solution.


#ICYMI - 13 Delicate Tattoos You'll Want Now

There's nothing complicated going on here, no needles necessary. Remember those transfer tattoos you used to adorn yourself with as a kid? Think of these as your grown-up alternative.

The only trouble is deciding which to go for and where to put them. The beauty of these tattoo sheets is that you can play around with them however way you wish, creating your own unique designs, sure to set you apart from the crowd.

In gold and silver and turquoise blue, you'd be forgiven for feeling like an extra from a Beyonce video.



For the sensitive-skinned among you, it's worth mentioning that these wash off effortlessly, as soon as you're ready to bid farewell.

Will you be getting inked up this summer?



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