The Trio Of Products Guaranteed To Transform Your Hair

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At this time of year, your locks usually need some TLC. The harsh weather combined with spending a lot of time in heated spaces means your hair can get overly dry and break - split ends and frizz usually make an unwanted appearance soon after, which is exactly what we don't want. Luckily, the Precious Nature by ALFAPARF MILANO range has introduced two new line extensions: For?Thirsty Hair and Hair with Bad Habits.?

The?Thirsty Hair?trio is specially formulated?to nourish and provide?a new vitality to?parched,?dry, dull hair without weighing it down.??The three?Hair with Bad Habits?products offer the perfect routine to repair and reinforce ?hair with bad habits? or hair damaged from over exposure to the sun, heat, chemical treatments, bleach and by using aggressive products - i.e. hero products our locks need to look and feel as good as new again.

Everything in the range has been designed to be gentle on your hair; all products in the Precious Nature range contain 100% natural extracts to respond to distinct hair needs, while delivering a pleasurable beauty experience, thanks to the delicious fragrances and luscious textures used. These include naturally derived fig and walnut that will add vitality and softness - Figs are rich in Magnesium, Vitamin C and E to maintain hair health as well as being a notable source of the calcium forming collagen, which we know is so vital for hair repair.? The walnut extract gives strength to stressed or sensitised hair. The range is entirely free from not-so-nice sulphates, parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, synthetic dyes and allergens - all chemicals that are detrimental to healthy hair growth.

The breakthrough, star product in these new ranges is the Hair with Bad Habits Cleansing Conditioner, which very gently cleanses the hair as a conditioner rather than shampoo.? This has a soap-free, low-lathering formula that provides suppleness, manageability and shine while gently cleansing.? It was developed in direct response to research showing that 7 out of 10 women believe that foaming agents used in many shampoos are too aggressive for everyday use on damaged hair. Hair with Bad Habits Cleansing Conditioner won't strip the hair of moisture or weigh it down even used daily on damaged hair or scalp.




The Hair with Bad Habits range contains three hair care products, including the soap-free, low-lathering Cleansing Conditioner?(?12.50), the Restructuring Shampoo?(?12.50) and?Double Cream - a restructuring treatment for long-term hair repair (?14.95).

For hair that needs a moisture kick, the Precious Nature Thirsty Hair range - an ultra-light ?fruit drink? for the hair - ?will deliver'moisture and vitamins to dull and dry hair and all without weighing it down.

The range is comprised of a ?gently cleansing Thirsty Hair Shampoo that replenishes moisture and provides essential vitamin supplements for revitalised and tangle-free hair?(?12.50), a deeply hydrating, shine-enhancing Thirsty Hair Mask?(?14.95) and a'special ?Thirsty Hair Infusion intended to'restore moisture and softness to the inner structure of the hair (?17.95) adding incredible vitality and visible shine.

Regular use of products from the PRECIOUS NATURE range should see your hair transformed,?to have it looking its luscious best for the AW season.

The PRECIOUS NATURE by ALFAPARF MILANO range is available in appointed ALFAPARF Milano salons nationwide.?Visit:? more information.?

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