The three simple steps needed for a perfectly even tan

These three easy prepping tips will have you on your way to a perfect fake tan. 

A perfectly even, long-wearing fake tan takes more than just precise application. If you’re cautiously applying only to find your wrists are looking dodgy on day two, or your tan is always uneven, there are steps you can take. To ensure an always even tan, follow this three step guide from Lusso Tan, the Irish brand founded by Belfast sisters Leah, Sarah and Lynsey who wanted to create a tan that dries quickly for busy, time-poor mothers.

Step one - prime your skin

How different is your foundation when you’ve used a primer? Creating an even tone for your tan works in the exact same way. For the best results, you need a tanning primer. Lightly mist clean skin on your face and body with the antioxidant-rich Lusso Tan Primer, infused with vitamin A and E to protect and hydrate your skin, lactic acid to improve texture and witch hazel to lock in moisture. The result is plumped, hydrated skin, ready for tanning.


Step two - use a hydrating tan

Now that your skin is primed and prepped, you need a hydrating formula to ensure your tan doesn’t cling to any pesky, extra-dry skin. The Lusso Self Tan Lotion comes in buildable Light, Medium and Dark shades and contains vitamin A and E to ensure an always even tan. Aloe vera gives further hydration, and it dries in a mere 60 seconds, meaning no faffing around the bathroom waiting for your tan to dry. Mix it with moisturiser and apply with a make-up brush to your hands, feet and face. Best of all - it’s completely odourless.

Step three - apply a final, finishing touch

To ensure coverage of imperfections, unwanted veins and uneven skin tone, apply Lusso Tan Skin Perfector with a make-up brush. It’s perfect for hard to reach tanning areas, extra glow and filtered skin.

Lusso Tan 3 Step Ritual Bundle, €50


Get a free Lusso Tan Primer (€18) when you buy Lusso Tan Self Tan Lotion and Lusso Tan Skin Perfector.

Photography by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash.

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