The 3 products I happily added my name to the waiting list for

Waiting lists aren't something I'd normally sign up for - if I can't get it now, I forget and move on. But these three beauty products are the exception.

What do Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser, Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit and Glow Recipe's Watermelon Sleep Mask all have in common? They all had huge waiting lists upon launching.

They were so good that people were buying the brands out of all stock, or else they were so anticipated as being amazing that people were willing to part with cash regardless of how good they would eventually turn out to be.

Pat McGrath Labs


Literally anything Pat McGrath has ever or will ever bring out, I'll be signing up for. The iconic and legendary make-up artist is one of few I'd follow blindfolded into a room full of wasps and snakes.

Her MOTHERSHIP V: BRONZE SEDUCTION PALETTE (why the all caps, I don't know, but if Pat deems it correct, who am I to take the letters back down to size?) is worth the €115 price tag for a piece of Pat's magic alone.

waiting lists

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Palette

€115 from

The Ordinary

This foundation is possibly my favourite day time option, bar only It Cosmetics CC Cream - which can very occasionally be too light. When I'm having a brilliant skin day, out comes The Ordinary.


I really rate products in general from The Ordinary, although I do acknowledge that they're far from full skincare formulations, hence the low prices. But the foundation is a winner and one I'd wait list for again.

waiting lists

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

€6.70 from


I am such a devotee of the Gravity Mud Firming Mask (aka, the purple one) that if they bring something else out, I'm hopping blindly on board. I was never a fan of Glamglow up until the day I tried the purple one, and then my opinion changed.

Not on every product the brand has, but I now felt that they were making more than just gimmicky, one trick pony sorts of products.


waiting lists

Glamglow GravityMud Firming Treatment

€45 from

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