Christmas Gift Guide: The Scented Candle Edit

There are few things more enjoyable in the universe that is lifestyle media than over-written fantastical product descriptions. There needs to be an award for perfume press releases which illustrate the type of woman who chooses a superior oud. Take Giorgio Armani's recent enough S?, of which Cate Blanchett is the face. S? is??an exhilarating tribute to a bold and risk-taking woman?. It is not just a scent, silly.

However, as much as we love the swooning drama of perfumes, scented candles are miles ahead in the copywriting joy. Researching our Christmas edit of luxury candles was a trove of dizzying words. The Diptyque Paris Oliban candle is described on the company website thus: ?A thousand and one mysteries are released through the sweet oriental vapours of incense. The woody accents are set against fresh notes and balmy tones within this warm and soothing aromatic gem.? The Irish produced Candella Winter Time creates an atmosphere that makes you wish you saved all your annual leave for December, ??a blend of rich, Brazilian orange, clove and ginger with hints of woods, musk, lemon and Christmas spices. Ideal for long and cold winter evenings with glass of wine by the fire.? Jo Loves Christmas Trees ?instantly evokes a feeling of familiarity and excitement and sets the scene for special moments shared with family and friends.?

We're telling you, skip the Dickens? A Christmas Carol and just invest in a few candles.



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