The Pixie Fringe

Ah, Bangs. Or a fringe, as we Europeans like to say. They're something we all dare to try at least once in our lives, but there are really very few face shapes that can pull off such a risky hairstyle. Even Beyonce struggles. Get it right and you're sultry, sexy with big eyes fluttering underneath. Get it wrong and it looks like your daughter went at you with a blunt training scissors.

Unfortunately for Beyonce, this time she narrowly falls under the latter category. Whether it's a wig, a clip on fringe or her own hair that she's had chopped within an inch of its life, it just doesn't work. *apologisestoallBeyonceworshippers*. That's probably down to the uneven cut, but fear not Beyonce, as there's very few people who've managed to nail it. Katy Perry probably comes close, but the title of the pixie fringe champion, in our opinion, still belongs to Rooney Mara.

And who didn't fall even more in love with Rachel McAdams cute cut in About Time.


What are your thoughts on this short fringe style? Have you ever done it? Would you?


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