The Perfect Pink Pout For Just Over A Tenner? Try L'Or?al's New La Vie En Rose Collection

For €11.99 a pop, L'Or?al's new pink collection - La Vie En Rose - is worth every cent, and then some. With this new offering, you'll think twice before you part with €30 or more for a luxury lippie. Why? Because lipsticks don't have to cost the Earth to deliver the goods. Coming in four different pinky hues, these lipsticks' pigments are impressive; the colour lasts, the formula hydrates.
Combining for the perfect pink-themed Christmas gift, the choice is yours: will you start your week with Eva (a peach pink lipstick with a slight yellow pigment) or enjoy your date with Blake (a radiant orange pink sure to bring a healthy glow to fairer skin)? For those with typically Irish alabaster skin, Helen and Naomi's shades are pink perfection. In fact, what's most notable about these shades is that they're incredibly sophisticated, which is an adjective more often associated with red. Giving a new chic lease of life to pink, this quartet is fast becoming a make-up bag must-have of ours. Of course, you don't have to buy each of the four shades, but the choice is there depending on your pink persuasion and your complexion.

Naomi's shade Naomi's shade

Helen's shade Helen's shade

Eva's shade Eva's shade

Blake's shade Blake's shade

Inspired by Blake Lively, Naomi Watts, Eva Longoria and Helen Mirren, follow this 3-step guide to the perfect pink pout.

1. Draw - To smooth your lips and define their shape, outline your lips with Colour Riche Lip Liner Magic Pencil. It hems the lips and creates a protective barrier that fixes colour for an ultra-glamorous finish.

2. Apply and accentuate - Apply the lipstick at the heart of your lips and stretch the colour to the corners of your mouth for an intense matte effect. Purse your lips for a uniform finish.

3. Finish - Use the Colour Riche Lip Liner Magic Pencil like an eraser around your lips to remove any excess.



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