The Next Gen Blow-Dry

The next-generation semi-permanent blow-dry...

WHAT Touted as a 20-minute fix, the new, much-hyped ALFAPARF Signature Blow- Dry promises more manageable, frizz-free hair that still has movement and bounce for up to eight weeks.

HOW This keratin styling treatment ?is, thankfully, formaldehyde-, sulphate-, salt- and paraben-free. Applied in the? salon in two stages, the ritual begins with ?a vigorous, deep cleansing shampoo to remove any product residue. It's followed by an elaborate application of a moulding fluid, which rebuilds the hair by instilling new keratin bonds and infusing precious oils deep into the shafts. Hair is then blasted off to almost dry and a sealing fluid is brushed onto sections, which is then fused into each strand by way of heat from a straightener. The sealing fluid creates a light, invisible film around the hair, which removes the electrostatic charge and protects it from humidity - the cause of frizz.


THE VERDICT It was two hours before the treatment was finished, and I was then asked if I would like to book in for another, as the stylist explained it was a progressive treatment, which works best when done once a week for a few weeks (perplexing, as it's promoted as a once-off treatment). Don't book in for this on the day of an event, as hair looks pretty lank afterwards, and it's not until after you wash it out that you see the difference. While we didn't experience any manageability miracles over the coming weeks - styling took just as long - hair was notably thicker and stronger for about two weeks; so much so that I was asked twice if?I had extensions put in. Alas, my hair reverted to type - scraggly and thin - pretty quickly. So I went back for a second round, and the results prevailed for three weeks this time. There definitely seems to be a case of mis-marketing here, as it's ?not a 20-minute treatment - two hours? commitment every week for a month is no quick fix. And results lasting for up to eight weeks is a bit of a stretch. However, if you simply want your hair to look really lush ?and healthy for a long weekend wedding or mini-break, it's worth the investment, once you actually know what you're signing up for.

DETAILS On average, the Signature Blow-Dry costs twice that of a normal salon blow-dry and is available nationwide. For your nearest salon, call 045 856490;

Liz Dwyer, Beauty Editor

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