The New Vitamin C-Infused Product Your Skin Will Love

Vitamin?C is the current buzz word in beauty. It's been infused in products for years, but it's back and having a moment. There's a lot to be said for this relitively simple ingredient - used daily, it can to brighten, smooth and firm and is said to be the ultimate pre-summer skin booster ?- but I'll admit, it hasn't been in my regime of late. So, when I heard of Clinique's latest offering, its?Fresh Pressed 7-Day system, a collection of high concentration of additive-free vitamin C miniatures said to give instant results, I was intrigued. My skin could use more help in the natural glow department; it's still feeling the after-effects of a harsh Irish winter and is dry and flaky.

It seems almost too simple: use the cleanser and the booster for seven days - it's a two-step system - and instantly see the difference; radiant and newly retextured skin.

Starting with the cleanser, this comes as a powder in seven individual sachets, in order to keep the vitamin C fresh. (After a few days in open air, vitamin C starts to degrade, so it has to be kept sealed for it to work properly. Hence the fiddly, if handy, travel-sized packaging). Once mixed with warm water, it forms a mild foam but isn't overly drying, and it really works to cleanse the skin; containing kaolin clay to absorb dirt and?exfoliate and salicylic acid to prevent excess oil and spot breakouts. My skin felt noticeably smoother on day three and definitely looked brighter.


Next, comes the booster, applied after the cleanser - which needs to be "activated" using the clicking button to release the vitamin?C to the product - and when mixed you add two drops to your moisturiser - it's light and will easily blend with varying?textures of moisturisers and apply daily.

The general application of both can be tricky at first, but once you get through day one, you'll easily fit it into your skincare regime. It isn't cheap at €34, but I noticed a great difference by the end of day seven and would say it's worth splashing out on before you head off on your summer holidays this year.

Buy Clinique's?Fresh Pressed 7-Day system HERE

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