The New Dove Ad Is Actually Great

We have a theory that there's a person in the Dove marketing department who instead of asking people how they are and what they're doing for the weekend, just outright enquires, ?In what which way are you not feeling 100% today?? The cosmetics company just seems to be really upping the ante on their Dove ads broaching the issue of low self-esteem these days.

In recent months we've had little girls feeling crap about their curls, and a few weeks ago there was that great ?average versus beautiful? door experiment. There were even whispers of Peak Dove.

However, the newest ad from the brand is one that only the stoniest heart could critique. Three Swedish women, who are blind, talk to the camera about how they define beauty. Even though they can't see themselves, they still have insecurities about certain body parts. However, they start to talk about how beauty is how you feel too. When they're in love, having fun, feeling strong and energetic - that's when they feel beautiful.

Watch the video. Each woman talks about how being blind has affected her, and also how they have redefined beauty as something that doesn't belong on an airbrushed billboard, but as being about your inner self and how you choose to live your life.


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