The make-up bag edit – which is best for you?

For someone that loves make-up, the bag you choose to keep it in is vital. It comes with you everywhere, like an extension of yourself, and before long they can look pretty grubby. As it gets some heavy usage it can be worth deliberating over which will suit you best before you 'add to basket', here's our pick of the best for however you like to cart it all around.

The organised one

Trish McEvoy Deluxe Makeup Planner System- Mini; €52.00 at

If you're Marie Kondo-ing everything else in sight, why not get your make-up bag to spark joy too? These make-up 'planners' form Trish McEvoy are divided in a way that keeps everything in plain sight- no more rummaging around for you favourite eyeliner. The palette in the centre is refillable with Trish McEvoy eye and face products, and the bag is fully customisable should you want to switch this around or add more palettes. With pockets for brushes and liners, as well as a zippy pouch, theres a place for everything in this bag.

The Glam One
Prada Logo Plaque Make-up Bag; €364 at


Ok yes, this is outrageous for a make-up bag, but cheaper than a Prada handbag right? I think I would permanently do my make-up on the train just as an excuse to show it off. Just pray your bronzer doesn't smash inside this one, as even though the technical fabric of this is wipeable, some things never quite come off.

The minimal one

Space NK Travel Bag; £24.00 at 

If streamlining your stash is more your thing these make-up bags from Space NK are a minimalists dream. Compact, and zips the whole way around so you can open it up and easily find what you're looking for without digging around. As its transparent, as well as the correct dimensions for most airport security, it will make the perfect traveling companion for the minimalist make-up lover. It also comes in gold, yellow and black if you're feeling more monochrome.

The everything but the kitchen sink one

Wash bag; €14.99 at

If you're someone who can't leave the house without your entire 'face' in a bag this one from H&M is for you. Looking decidedly more expensive that its €14.99 price tag, this will fit everything you need to do your make-up on the go.



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