The Latest Must Have Lipstick? Tom Ford's Lips & Boys

If you're anything like us, when it comes to your October and November paychecks, it's likely you'll have begun thinking of Christmas presents and stocking fillers, for fear you'd wind up spending every penny in December on gifts, leaving nothing left over with which to enjoy the party season. Disaster. We know, Halloween hasn't even been and gone yet, and we're already in festive mode but while you might call us crazy, you can also call us organised. One beauty stocking filler essential is the much-anticipated return of Tom Ford's Lips and Boys collection.

?I love seeing a woman in a man's suit. Why not have a lipstick named after a man?? -Tom Ford


Inspired by the designer's love of seeing a woman in a man's suit, Tom Ford decided to create a collection of miniature lipsticks and name them after the men he admires. From those with whom he's shared an intimate relationship, men he finds inspiring and those who've appeared in his campaigns of note, there're a whole lot of men going on here. 50 to be exact. Within the diverse collection, you'll find 25 bestselling favourites such as Colin and Holden while the other 25 welcome in a wave of new names, including Ansel, Joaquin and Drake. With 50 shades that are decadent, rich and wearable for all, the only trouble you'll have is choosing your favourite. Ford suggests you wear them on their own or experiment with layering. Who wouldn't want a mix of Addison and Orlando in one?


Normally Tom Ford comes at a price, but at €33 a pop, this is a great way to access one of the most luxurious beauty brands on the market. As always, the texture and pigment here is top notch. Once you get involved with Mr Ford, you'll never look back.

Now, where were we. Oh yes, 'Dear Santa...'

Available at Brown Thomas.

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