The Key To Healthier Hair? Ditch The Suds

There's nothing we like better here at then gathering a few tips to ensure we can get healthier locks. The mission to get a perfect head of hair is many will agree, an endless one; from washing our hair a little differently, to deciding whether short hair will work, the list goes on. But these latest tips for shiny, soft locks had us intrigued.

One method that's said to work wonders for clearing your scalp of residue and ensuring soft locks is to use a suds-free shampoo. Yep, so the idea is to go foam free all in the name of healthy hair. With an array of ads ingraining the use of a foaming shampoo as the way forward for cleaner hair (Herbal Essence comes to mind here), we can understand that this concept may sound odd, but hear us out.

According to Refinery29, Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of BeautyStat, said consumers tend to believe that lots of foam and lather will leave hair and skin squeaky-clean. But lately, there has been a lot of negative buzz around Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, (SLS) the emulsifier and cleansing agent that provides this foaming.

?Companies are attracted to SLS as a detergent because of its low price point, but while it may cleanse effectively, it can also lead to a whole host of issues. There are studies that show that, at certain levels, it can cause skin or eye irritation," said Robinson. ?SLS can also dry out hair and skin, especially for those who already have dry, sensitive skin; or curly, processed, or colour-treated hair,? he explained.

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Using a foam free shampoo, according to Robinson is said to leave you and your hair with "gentler cleansing, less stripped skin, and more hydration." Sounds good to us.

Another option that you can use to replace the suds is to not use shampoo at all. No, we're not suggesting you go around with a head of unwashed hair, but rather alternate your shampoo for what's known as a Cleansing Conditioner. This is according to Michael Gordon, the founder and former president of Bumble and Bumble.

Gordon introduced a line of detergent-free Cleansing Cremes, which use aloe vera extract and essential oils to clean hair.

?It sounds insane, but you should never use shampoo again,? he said.

The once-odd idea of using cleansing conditioners (they clean but don't foam) as a substitute for shampoo is said to becoming increasingly popular.

?It comes out of the new insight that shampooing every day is not for all consumers, especially those with curly, kinky, wavy hair or colour-treated or processed hair that might be more susceptible to damage,? he explained to The New York Times.

Big brands such as K?rastase, L?Or?al, and all produce these ?co-washing? products, so this should be easy for you to try.


We like the sound of this, would you opt for foam free washing?

Via Refinery29/New York Times

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