The Hairy Legs Movement Arrives

As per the folk over at The Daily Mail, 'the hairy legs movement' is upon us. Good news? We're not quite sure yet whether this is a trend we'll be jumping on board with at IMAGE HQ. It's one thing to hide your hairy pins under jeans and thick tights through the depths of winter when nobody's going to see them anyway, apart for your other half who's got little choice other than to grin and bear it, but sporting dense growth for all to see in the middle of summer? Hmmm.

Having said that, if it really did become so trendy that we suddenly found hairy legs to be aesthetically pleasing, it'd save us quite a lot of grief, don't you think? Depending on the type of hair you're dealing with, keeping your legs hair-free during summer is a massive, sometimes daily chore. It is for me anyhow; though fair-haired on my head, I've been cursed with the sort of leg and underarm hair that you shave, THEN dry yourself off after your shower only to find it's ALREADY began to grow back. Nightmare. So for me, it's certainly easier to cover up than grapple with crappy razors every morning when I can barely keep my eyes open.

But if the legs DO come out, they'll sure as hell be hairless (at least they'll appear hairless, they might be a bit stubbly if you rub me up the wrong way).

(The 'Anti-Pervert' leggings, all the rage in China, should you want to try this look out for size)


It's an interesting movement that's making waves across social media today. Are we wrong to accept freshly shaved legs as the norm? After decades of countless brands advertising smooth, 'sexy' legs to women in every corner of the globe, have we finally had enough?

(The hairy leg photo that started the craze, from the Very Hairy Legs Tumblr.)

Whichever side of the fence you find yourself, delighted to join the 'Hairy Legs Club' and grow yours to Mrs Doubtfire effect or dead set on sticking to super smooth pins, do let us know. And remember, each to their own!

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