The greatest under-eye masks for dark circles and de-puffing tired eyes

The greatest under-eye masks for calming, de-puffing and tackling dark circles

Dermatologists are always telling me that not everyone needs a separate eye care product in their skincare routine – as long as your skincare is eye-safe, you're fine. So do you need under-eye masks in your skincare routine? Absolutely not. Under-eye masks are luxuries, not essentials. For the most part, they're absolute Instagram fodder, but they are also instant de-puffers, they feel great if you're hungover, they're amazing if you have tired eyes from lack of sleep and they're really revitalising on a long flight.

These five are the best under-eye masks of the bunch.

bareMinerals SKINLONGEVITY Green Tea Herbal Eye Mask | Ulta Beauty


bareMinerals Skinlongevity Green Tea Herbal Eye Mask, €30.95

The new limited edition bareMinerals eye masks are made with a cooling gel that is heaven sent for a hangover or hot day. Infused with a calming willow herb extract and green tea, leave them on for 15 for eyes that feel soothed, wide awake and free from puffiness.

Chanel Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer, €124.66

These are impossible to get your hands on, due to their popularity with the influencers of the world, but if you can get your hands on them, you should. There are two steps: first, a cooling roll-on releases anti-ageing serum infused with vitamin C, but the second part is what we're all here for – the re-invigorating patches. Incredibly expensive? Sure. But this is the eye mask of those who do a #SundayFacial for Instagram and if that's your bag, there's no better choice. Plus,  you get to use the caption, "the bags under my eyes are Chanel".

Shiseido Benefiance Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask, €69


Sit up, those who take their skincare seriously, because this one is for you. You know how you can't use most retinol around the eyes? Shiseido's Eye Masks are suitable on the delicate orbital eye area, infused with vitamin A and work fast (we're talking 15 minutes fast) to reduce dark circles, fines lines and dryness around the eyes.

under-eye masks

Vichy Lift Activ Micro Hyaluronic Acid Eye Masks, €25.99

Inspired by the micro-needling treatments you might be seeing all over social media, Vichy have created overnight eye masks that contain 160 micro-cones of solidified hyaluronic acid of natural origin which penetrate the skin and plump up wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. Life hack: you can also use these to plump fine lines around the mouth.

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Milk Makeup Cooling Water Under Eye Patches, €24

Have you tried Milk Makeup Cooling Water, €22.50 yet? It's basically water-on-a-stick, which I know sounds like the ultimate gimmick, but it's so refreshing. I keep mine in the fridge – it's a cooling balmy hydration booster that boost circulation, heals a hangover and generally just calms you down. These are the same principle, but with added caffeine to de-puff your tired eyes and calming seawater and lavender to soothe and hydrate.


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