The Good Wife's Wig Costs How Much?

Can you remember where you were when you realised that Alicia Florrick's amazing hair on television's smash hit legal drama The Good Wife was in fact a wig? Perhaps you were in the dark until now. However, we can recall the moment with frightening alacrity. Late last year, the truth was revealed in a deep internet trawl session. Significant others who were currently binge-watching the CBS show were immediately WhatsApped. We went to Netflix for a rewatch of the earlier seasons and stared at Alicia's hair with even more intensity. How does it look so good? So real and shiny? However, the discovery helped us realise something. Not all women, even the fabouous Julianna Margulies?and fictional lawyer counterpart are constantly sleek and perfect. They are super sensible though.

In an interview with David Letterman this week Margulies revealed the story of the wig, and how it has made her hectic life so much easier. When she first signed on the dotted line to play television's most famous wife, she stipulated that she wear a wig. Her reasoning is pretty flawless. With 22 episodes a season and a newborn child, it made complete sense for Margulies to go for a wig over an hour of styling her naturally curly hair every working day.

In fact the wig has worked out extraordinarily well. In addition to less time in hair and make-up, continuity issues are solved and flashbacks are super easy to film. Here, Julianna talks to David Letterman about the circumstances that led her and the production company to the famous wig.


And just how good is the wig? Margulies reveals that Alicia's hair cost $10,000. It's real hair and looks perfect. Those pink bobs you can buy in Penneys have nothing on it. Do you think the pricetag is worth it, considering Alicia Florrick's locks' iconic place in television beauty history?

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