The Best of Boots at Your Fingertips

Online beauty shopping has really raised its game in the past few years, but I have often thought how extremely handy it would be to have a full range of beauty and health shopping at my fingertips too.

So I was rather overjoyed when I first heard of the brand new Boots app that launched this week. Being able to buy my makeup and skincare products as well as those very basic of beauty items I always need to replenish, but frequently forget (hello toothpaste!), as well as vitamins and cotton wool, is a, time enhancing, no-brainer life saver for someone like me who is constantly rushing around.

I downloaded the app to have a scan around and found it very clear and easy to navigate, the design is simple but sophisticated, and the feature sections are well broken down. There is also a lot of information on each product making it very easy to make your decision on what to buy - so that way, you can shop for new products very easily as well as replenishing ones you have already.

You need a Boots advantage card to really get the full benefit of the app as once you register your card number, you qualify for even more points and offers that you can redeem when shopping in stores.

The My Offers section is my favourite feature, because there you see personalised offers that are exclusive to you, via the app, and are loaded on to your advantage card should you choose to avail of them. ?You can then use these offers when you are in store. I chose to avail of all my offers! Triple points when you buy a dental product? 150 extra points when you spend €15? Yes please!


The My Offers section is updated frequently and you can pre-load your advantage card with your offers before you set out to shop, so if that isn't a great incentive to download the app, I don't know what is.

I was so impressed with the app's features on first use that I found myself browsing through the sections and filling my shopping basket with a mixture of products I needed to replenish my stores (vitamins, deodorant and baby wipes) and also several that were purely pampering treats (a new fragrance and body lotion). I also ordered my all-time favourite Stila foundation to be delivered, saving me the journey to the usual store I go to to purchase it. And all this from my couch at home? That just could not be better in my eyes.

More nifty features include the Store Locator and the scanner feature for use when you are in store and you want to know more about a product - simply use the app feature to scan a product and it opens up details on it, and a load of customer reviews. It's like having expert advice right there with you as you browse the aisles, and that's an ingenious add on for beauty shoppers.

On the app you can not only shop to your heart's content, you can also read about their health information and pharmacy services via the Pharmacy & Health section within the Shop feature. There is a wealth of useful information there, including the section on Asthma management, which was interesting to me as my daughter has been recently diagnosed with it.

I was truly impressed with the breadth of knowledge and service on the app as well as the huge offering of products - all available for purchase and delivery or collection in stores.

They've really thought of everything, it is the best of Boots at your fingertips and I predict it's an app that will be getting a lot of use from my phone.

You can download the app in the App Store or on Google Play.


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