The Best in Luxury Beauty Gadgets

Beauty tools have become so high- tech, they're giving spa and clinic treatments a run for their money...

Micro Pedi, €34.99

For what? Beautiful, soft feet!

Roll this nifty electronic foot file over hardened soles, heels and toes, and the mineral roller breaks down coarse skin and calluses, leaving your feet super-soft.

Foreo Luna, €200

For what? A perfectly cleansed face

Delivers deep dermal cleansing without relying on bristles (which can aggravate sensitivities) to purge pores. Thousands of low-frequency sonic pulsations pass through the silicone device per minute, effectively shaking all the gunk up to the surface, and shifting dead skin cells. Use every other day.

Sqoom, €699

For what? A youthful facial complexion

The concept of using ultrasound and ionisation to transport active anti-ageing agents into the nucleus of skin cells has been used in costly spas for years. This enables you to do the same at home, ensuring all those active ingredients in your skincare (80 per cent of which get stuck on the surface) penetrate skin cells at the point of formation, repairing, replenishing and refreshing the skin's cell structure, leaving your complexion dewy and soft.

Liz Dwyer @BeautyBootcamp1


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