The Best Beauty Products For Hot Weather

We're in heatwave country at the moment, which means lunch is al fresco and 99 cones are lunch. It also means that our beauty routines get a little bit thrown. Come going home time after a long day sweltering in the office, eye make-up is bleeding into our cheekbones and the shiny chins and foreheads that look daring on New York Fashion Week runways just make us look like we need to have even more daily showers. It's a tough situation for the women of Celtic Ireland and our beauty bags. Just which beauty products should we relegate to the back of the cabinet for the hot weather months? And which should we embrace? Here are some tips to make you look like less of a hot mess.

Find The Perfect SPF

The best person to ask for SPF recommendations is the palest girl you know. She tolerated years of cheap Wednesday Addams taunts, but lived to tell the tale of which products are the best for blocking out the sun's glare to keep perfect porcelain'skin in lines-free shape. An invaluable resource duringsummery spells. Studies say UV rays are responsible for about 70-80% of skin ageing and wrinkles, so there's no excuse not to slather the stuff on. Non-greasy non-matte formulas we love that are super-kind to skin, include?Cr'me de la Mer SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid (?90 in Brown Thomas) and Bioderma Photoderm MAX Aquafluide SPF 50+ (Available in selct pharmacies nationwide, €20-25).

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Ditch The Foundation


While us Irish women love our coverage and every single one of us swears by a certain product, when facing into relentless stuffiness you can save yourself a world of feeling grimy by making the switch from foundation to BB Cream. We're recent devotees to Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 (?37, available in Brown Thomas and Arnotts). It feels weightless on, you still get great coverage - even in the lightest of light shades, and you don't feel like your pores are going through hell. Also, with the slight colour that the summer sun brings, it's nice to let your own stunning glow do most of the talking.

Carry Blotting Paper

Blotting papers are a very handy purse habit for the shiny season. They're packaged in neat little boxes and using them is hassle-free, with some confidence boosting results. No more sebum, no more can-they-see-their-reflection paranoia whenever you run into someone! Shiseido's Oil Control Blotting Paper maye be a little pricey (?21 in Brown Thomas), but it does come with 100 sheets, which amounts to one for every day of summer and some extra, if you want to do the sums.

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Start Using Waterproof Mascara

Heroin chic is forever associated with Kate Moss? career explosion in the 1990s, but as a day-to-day look, it's a little bit dated. In that you look like you've been on the off-licence rollover. To stop your mascara slipping during a heatwave, add BADgal waterproof mascara to your beauty lexicon. Keep that eye area defined as opposed to defiled.

Add More Water To Your Routine


Yes, drinking water every day is the best way to guarantee a hydrated and healthy glow, but using products with some extra H2O will also help you keep on being your beautiful self. Thermal spring water products from France, which is the home of skin-loving mineral-infused water, are a great addition to your throughout-the-day routine. Just spritz some on your face when you start to feel a little bit wilted. We love Vichy's Eau?Thermale?and La Roche Posay's Thermal Spring Water, but a personal tried-and-tested favourite is Uriage's Thermal Water (available in select pharmacies nationwide). Diane Kruger is apparently a fan of Uriage's products, so you're following in some pretty gorgeous footsteps.

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A full-face of make-up these days can be saved from the dragged-through-the-bush aesthetic by investing money and time in primer. Here's a list we prepared earlier with some shout outs for good old reliables MAC and Urban Decay. Another product worth your consideration is the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base (?52.50), apply it before you get the brushes or fingers out and you're guaranteed a thoroughly prepped complexion.


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