The beauty of the Instagram Explore page

My Instagram Explore page is full of beauty tutorials, and I've found some truly amazing accounts to follow as a result of it. Although it can be an echo chamber at times...

If it wasn't for the Explore page, I'd never have stumbled upon some of my favourite accounts on Instagram. My Explore page, based off my likes at the moment, is all beauty tutorials, beauty editorials, dance videos, home decor pages and cute puppies. It rarely changes, if ever.

Echo chamber

It does throw back at you what you search for, though, and so if you're always clicking into beauty tutorials, it will bring you other popular ones from around the app. Here are four incredible beauty accounts my Instagram Explore page has brought me to...


Linda Hallberg

I love that Linda Hallberg's account, which is full of absolutely mindblowing imagery, still honours natural beauty occasionally.

Anastasia Voevodina


Anastasia is both a make-up artist and a photographer, so as you'd imagine, her standard of content is absolutely incredible. Her posts are tiny pieces of art that I would pay to have printed were they for sale.

Natascha Lindemann

Natascha Lindemann is 26 - I cannot cope with these obscenely talented 20-somethings - and her feed is actually drool-inducing. A must-follow, for me.

Vivi's Makeup


Whatever lighting, make-up, skin and effects Vivi uses, I'm always into it. A bridal artist, she often creates really wearable looks that I always end up saving into my folders. Her tutorials are also often accompanied by songs I want to Shazam - bonus!

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