The A To Z Of Skincare - Part III

In the final part of our three-piece skin series, MELANIE MORRIS tells us what we need to know to achieve?flawless and healthy skin.


The low-maintenance alternative to summer brights. To really make the look pop, line with a nude pencil after (not before) lipstick has been applied.


The colour of idebenone, the magic elixir in Elizabeth Arden's Prevage range. This ingredient is a super-powerful antioxidant (see A), for treating lines, wrinkles, discolourations, age spots, and sun damaged skin.



Inclined to get larger as we get older, pores lose their elasticity, increase due to sun damage and oil production, and/or can become hardened by a process called glycation, involving glucose molecules. Regular facials help, as does the daily use of a good primer under make-up.


The gold standard in topical anti-wrinkle treatments, retinol, or vitamin A, increases cell turnover and stimulates collagen synthesis. It is also good for treating acne. Historically, retinol was only available on prescription from a doctor or dermatologist, but there are now excellent over-the-counter options that cause less irritation. Only use at night, and be sure to wear SPF by day.


Guaranteed to cause premature ageing, the sun's ultraviolet rays are the biggest aggressors of lines, uneven tone, sagging texture and dullness. What's worse, the damage we do in our twenties only manifests in our forties and fifties. Be sure to wear SPF daily, even when the sun doesn't shine - the rays are still there.



A complete gamechanger when launched in 1992, YSL Beaut?'s illuminating, freshening wand is the number one luxury face make-up product in Ireland and the UK.


Popular, painless and usually effective help for those with psoriasis. Not to be confused with tanning beds, which are never a good idea. Seek out a good dermatologist or facialist.


Made famous when Kim Kardashian posted images of her face covered in blood, this extreme treatment claims to rejuvenate the face by harvesting blood from the client, extracts and propagates growth factors therein, and injects them back into the face, with hyaluronic acid. Does it work? The IMAGE jury's still out.


The best beautybooster out there. Drinking the suggested two litres a day not only hydrates the skin, but also keeps our complexion clear, as toxins and waste are removed efficiently. Water, and sleep; fit enough of both in your life, and the benefits will be apparent in a matter of days.



Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium. Clostridium botulinum, called botulinum toxin. It is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralysing muscles. Injected into the muscle, the procedure has become a whole lot more sophisticated since the early days of ?face freeze? as a skilled doctor will leave plenty of movement and expression. Treatment lasts approximately three months before fading as muscle nerves rebuild.


Adds instant age to any face. Consider teeth whitening at the dentist, or for an optical illusion, pick a lipstick that counteracts the colour. Opt for blue-based reds, not oranges; or light pinks, not corals.


Along with drinking water (see W), sleep is essential for the body, and skin, to rebuild and the liver to detoxify. Good sleep hygiene is the latest buzz, ensuring bedrooms are totally dark, digital devices are switched off, and bedclothes are neither too hot or cold. Give your growth hormone a chance to work, and see what happens.

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