4 Powder SPFs You Need To Try This Summer

It's summer: that means sun and that?(should mean) suncream. Extra protection is always advised when it comes to UV rays so it might not be a bad idea?to invest in some powder suncream. They're easy to sue, you can pop it on over your makeup and voila! No risk of lobster face or skin damage.

Here are a few options to try while you lounge by the pool or laze in the garden.

1.Colourscience?Sunforgettable Mineral Makeup, €50,59

This brush-on sunscreen not only helps you stay radiant throughout the day, but it offers powerful SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection. It can be used over makeup or on its own.

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2. PeterThomasRoth Instant Mineral SPF 45, €27,35

This talc-free and transparent matte powder blocks out harmful UVA/UVB infrared rays and helps to prevent sunburn, skin damage, and uneven discoloration.

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3. BrushOnBlock, €29,71

This powder has no sunscreen chemicals in it (it's paraben, PABA and phthalate free) and is perfect for sensitive skin. Again as it is translucent, it can go on over or under makeup and won't affect your normal skin tone.

?4. Farizad's Veil, ?SPF 30+ Powder, buy online for $12


This sunscreen powder is made from zinc oxide which acts as both an anti-acne and anti-inflammatory to the skin as well as shielding it from the sun's dangerous rays. ?Plus the jar is pretty too.

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