That Natural Glow: Summer Skin Highlighters

Now that you've finally got that bit of colour, whether it's real or perfectly faked, you might want to accentuate that'summer glow like?those pesky celebs like Sarah Hyland in'the Sunshine State have perfected with their year-round tan.

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Investment in a great highlighter is key to this beautiful sheen and we've rounded up the best, but the most important thing to note is that like contouring, highlighting takes time and the key is blending. The more time you spend blending the more natural your illumination will look.

The key areas for highlighting are: the tops of your cheek bones, the inner corner of your eyes, the middle of your forehead, your cupid's bow and the bottom outer edge of your eyebrows. Start with your cheek bones and perfect your skills before branching out.



If it's an all-over glow you're looking for without all that contouring business then go for a radiance balm. These are light tinted creams that can be mixed with your daily moisturiser for a natural day look or worn under your foundation to give your skin that?iridescent sheen. This Radiance Balm from Boot's Botanics range was a huge hit when it came out a few months ago and they can barely keep it on the shelves. Burberry also have an excellent Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base?that doubles up as a deadly primer and is slightly less shimmery than the balm.



If you already know you're way around a contouring brush but want to accentuate your natural tan rather than darken it further, than go for the Benefit Sun Beam. It'll give warm and olive skin tones a lift without needing a contouring accent.

benefit sun beam


Yves Saint Laurent's Touch? Eclat has been around for decades and with good reason. If you want to brighten your eye area or just give your skin some lovely cohesion, go for this wonder pen. As well as being a concealer, it bounces natural light back from your face giving you a fresh appearance.


If you're on the hunt for a blusher that also give you a gorgeous sheen then the Nars Multiple Stick is the one for you. It comes in some lovely shades, but for highlighting our favourite is Orgasm. It's peachy tones give that healthy look to your cheeks and really complements a natural tan.


For a night-time highlighter look no further than Tom Ford's Shade & Illuminate?kit. The creamy texture promises serious staying power and the opaque nature of it means it's easy to build up without looking painted on.tom ford

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